Gifts of Gratitude—
The Joyful Adventures of a Life Well Lived
Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker
Paperback $14.95

Gifts of Gratitude

Elizabeth Baker celebrates life: yours and hers, with this collection of deeply stirring stories. Within the covers of Gifts of Gratitude – The Joyful Adventures of a Life Well Lived, She narrates a series of inspiring experiences in turns both purposeful and ungoverned.

At times tender and dramatic, always moving, outside the box, in search of veracity.
In the paradox of our world, many great minds, from scientists to spiritual teachers have suggested that we must change our way of being, to resolve the spirit of competition and foster community if we want to survive as a species.
Throughout her journey, mentored by mystical teachers, great scientists, spiritual leaders, and even celebrities, Elizabeth has traveled as a beacon on that path.

This book is for you. It is for everyone who is searching for a true way, their own way to realize the gifts of a heart open to Spirit and renewed by life.

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Gifts_of_GratitudeThe picture on the book’s cover says it all: a woman with her head thrown back and arms flung wide open in thanks for the magnificence of life. And every vignette in this lovely book reveals reverence for a life well lived and offers a beautiful perspective on the gift of gratitude.

Baker’s life has been filled with mystifying, mystical aspects: death, near-death, near-misses, just-right timing. She had met both John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson before they were elected to the White House. She was in Berkeley for the first Free Speech March. She met Richard Alpert the day after he and Tim Leary were fired from Harvard. She briefly met Buckminster Fuller once and, years later, he remembered her and even some details of her life. She was everywhere she was meant to be, at just the right time, as we all are. But Elizabeth muses on the interweaving of the events of her world as a gift to us to remind us about the greatest gift of life: gratitude.

These are stories—tender stories, funny stories, and even dramatic stories…They trace the squiggly line of my life and reveal how I moved from sign post to sign post with only Grace Guiding me.

And if I never do anything more, or understand anything more about my life than this, it’s enough. And that is very lovely.